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🏰 List of Features

SeleniumBase Features: 🏰

  • A powerful Python framework for browser automation and E2E UI testing.
  • Includes Recorder Mode for instantly generating browser tests in Python.
  • Supports multiple browsers, tabs, iframes, and proxies in the same test.
  • Includes Test Case Management Software with Markdown technology.
  • Automatic smart-waiting improves reliability and prevents flaky tests.
  • Supports pytest, unittest, nose, and behave for finding/running tests.
  • All the code is open source. Look inside to learn about any feature.
  • Powerful logging tools for dashboards, reports, and screenshots.
  • Can run tests in Headless Mode to hide the browser. (--headless)
  • Can run tests multithreaded from parallel browsers. (-n NUM_THREADS)
  • Can run tests from a shared browser session. (--reuse-session/--rs)
  • Can run tests using Chromium's mobile device emulator. (--mobile)
  • Can run tests through a proxy server. (--proxy=IP_ADDRESS:PORT)
  • Can run tests with proxy settings via PAC URL. (--proxy-pac-url=URL.pac)
  • Can run tests through an authenticated proxy server. (--proxy=USER:PASS@HOST:PORT)
  • Can run tests with proxy+auth via PAC URL. (--proxy-pac-url=USER:PASS@URL.pac)
  • Can run tests with a customized browser user agent. (--agent=USER_AGENT_STRING)
  • Can set a Chromium User Data Directory/Profile to load. (--user-data-dir=DIR)
  • Can avoid detection by sites that try to block Selenium. (--undetected/--uc)
  • Can integrate with selenium-wire for inspecting browser requests. (--wire)
  • Can load Chrome Extension ZIP files. (--extension-zip=ZIP)
  • Can load Chrome Extension folders. (--extension-dir=DIR)
  • Powerful console scripts. (Type seleniumbase or sbase to use.)
  • Has the ability to translate tests into multiple spoken languages.
  • Has a flexible command-line interface for customizing test runs.
  • Has a global config file for configuring settings as needed.
  • Includes a tool for creating interactive web presentations.
  • Includes Chart Maker, a tool for creating interactive charts.
  • Includes a dialog box builder to allow user-input during automation.
  • Includes a website tour builder for creating interactive walkthroughs.
  • Includes a GUI for running pytest scripts: SeleniumBase Commander.
  • Includes integrations for GitHub Actions, Google Cloud, Azure, S3, and Docker.
  • Can handle Google Authenticator logins with Python's one-time password library.
  • Can load and make assertions on PDF files from websites or the local file system.
  • Can inspect HTML to find issues and points of interest with the HTML Inspector.
  • Is backwards-compatible with Python WebDriver methods. (Use: self.driver)
  • Can execute JavaScript code from Python calls. (Use: self.execute_script())
  • Can pierce through Shadow DOM selectors. (Add ::shadow to CSS fragments.)
  • Includes a hybrid-automation solution, MasterQA, to speed up manual testing.
  • Includes useful Python decorators and password obfuscation methods.

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